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The 7 Capital Don’ts with Loans

For most people, getting a loan is simple and really, it should be. You shouldn’t have to go through hoops and mazes just to be able to borrow the money that you need, especially when you really, really need it. Essentially, loans should just involve people borrowing money, and then paying it back with interest after a given period of time. Simple.


Unfortunately, complications…

Paying Off Your Loans: There’s a Free App for That

Do you have enough money to pay off your monthly bills? Can you really afford to take out another loan? These questions can be answered by a simple yes or no, and yet coming up with an answer for them can be very hard especially if you don’t have a firm grasp on your finances.

It can be extremely difficult to manage your money nowadays. Everywhere you look there’s always something that needs…

Things You Should & Shouldn’t Share to Your Lender

Having been in the business of lending for quite some time, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to and serve many different clients from all walks of life. We’ve heard all their stories, and from our experience, we’ve discovered that many people aren’t really sure of what they should or shouldn’t be telling lenders.


Whatever information you share to your lender affects your loan…

Used Car VS New Car: Which Should You Buy?

Used Car VS New Car: Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to purchasing a car, probably the biggest decision one has to make is whether to choose a brand new car or a used car. Neither of these choices can be said as truly better than the other, as both have their own sets of pros and cons. Making your choice really boils down to what you’re looking for in…

Bankruptcy: Reasons Behind It and How It Can Be Avoided

More than 20,000 Australians declare bankruptcy every year. These are the people who were drowning in debt and who have found it difficult to swim up to the surface of financial freedom. Because filing for bankruptcy has some serious consequences this should not be taken lightly. We must take all measures necessary to ensure we don’t fall into the same place as those 20,000.



Teaching Your Child about Money Management

Perhaps one of the perennial questions parents need to confront is this: how and when should you explain the concept of money to your kids? For some, keeping children away from money until they’re older and more mature is the best solution. However, we all know that raising financially savvy kids does not happen overnight. Thus, the earlier they learn about money management, the better.


How to be Financially Prepared for Easter

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in Australia. It’s a time to be with family and observe Easter traditions that have been practiced for years. 

How to Celebrate
There are many things you can do to celebrate Easter. May it be with friends or family, there are a lot of celebrations you can take part in.

  • Easter Eggs…

6 Common Myths about Personal Loans Debunked

You’ve got monthly bills coming in like clockwork, multiple debts to pay and additional expenses coming up. You know you need to get a loan badly, but with so many negative things going around about personal loans, it can be hard not to feel apprehensive about applying for a loan.

If you’ve been in this situation before or are currently experiencing it, it’s about time…

3 Ways to Get Your Loan Approved Even with Bad Credit

We all know getting a loan is really important. It’s your ticket to owning a house and a new car, or it can be a quick remedy to an emergency. But with bad credit are all these still possible?

Having bad credit may be getting your loan applications denied. A bad credit mistake you made in the past may be currently affecting your financial transactions. Or worse this…

Fundamental Financial Resolutions for 2013

You’ve tried losing weight, quitting vices and getting more organised – this year, why not make a new year’s resolution that you can really stick to that will not only benefit you, but your entire household as well? 

While it is quite admirable to aim for a healthier lifestyle, it may be a good idea to shift to finances when coming up with a new year’s resolution this…

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