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Do you have enough money to pay off your monthly bills? Can you really afford to take out another loan? These questions can be answered by a simple yes or no, and yet coming up with an answer for them can be very hard especially if you don’t have a firm grasp on your finances.

It can be extremely difficult to manage your money nowadays. Everywhere you look there’s always something that needs to be paid and just when you’ve paid off one bill, another one comes along. Most of us are overwhelmed with so many priorities and expenses, that as much as we’d like to save and be on top of all our bills and loans, it just isn’t possible. Before we realise it, many of us miss payments, lose properties and sink even deeper into debt.


Thankfully, there are new and modern ways of managing debt, and they all conveniently fit in the palm of your hand.


Free Mobile Finance Management


Apps or mobile applications have taken the world by storm, helping us with everything from managing our schedules to keeping track of the weather, to you guessed it- managing our finances. Today there are dozens of apps designed to make money management a whole lot easier and the best part is they’re all free. Below are four of our top picks:


  1.   Mint:


This handy app has been on best lists for years and there’s no wondering why. Mint consolidates and organises all of your bills, tracks investments, accounts and expenditures, and is fully equipped with personalised budgeting tools to help you stick to your budget. Mint also warns you when your finances are getting low, and notifies you via message or email when it’s time to pay certain bills and loans. It’s easy to navigate and easy on the eyes with its colourful charts and graphs, so managing your money and making payments will always be a breeze.


  1.   Manilla:


Imagine being able to manage all of your bills, financial accounts, statements, notices, reward points and loyalty cards all in one place with just one password. Manilla is the realisation of that and more. This easy-to-use, highly rated app effectively organises all of your financial documents and reminds you of upcoming payments so you’re always aware and in control of your finances.


  1. Check:


Formerly known as Pageonce, Check is the app that, like most other money management apps, consolidates all of your financial information to let you stay on top of things all the time. It alerts you when funds are low and when payments are due and lets you pay these on the spot. Check is also available not only for Android and iOS platforms, but for Blackberry and Windows phones as well and boasts of a triple layer security that ensures total protection of your private information.


  1. Toshl:


If you travel a lot, Toshl is a great money management app for you. Toshl manages all your finances like most other apps of its kind, but it can work with various other currencies and can separate travel budgets from other expenses. It also has really fun and colourful visualisations that make money management so much more interesting.


Whether you’re planning to save up for a long overdue holiday trip or just want to get that personal loan paid off ahead of time, these apps help you stay on top of everything at the swipe of a screen. Couple them with smart budget tips from Personal Finance Co., and you’ll never have to worry about finances again. With Personal Finance Co.’s cash advance loans and hassle-free online loan application, finding finances will always be fast and easy.

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