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Having been in the business of lending for quite some time, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to and serve many different clients from all walks of life. We’ve heard all their stories, and from our experience, we’ve discovered that many people aren’t really sure of what they should or shouldn’t be telling lenders.


Whatever information you share to your lender affects your loan application and the terms of your loan in some way. But this doesn’t mean that you should be keeping everything from your lender – it means you must share the right and necessary information.


What You Should Share






What You Shouldn’t Share







Here at Personal Finance, we understand that various unexpected needs can arise from various situations, and that everyone has a first time when it comes to getting a loan. We believe that giving you our best, most honest service the first time around is crucial to making your borrowing experience a pleasant one. Whether you’re in need of fast approval loans, cash advance loans or other personal loans, you never have to worry. Here at Personal Finance, we’ll make sure you get the finances you require in the most reasonable and manageable repayment plans made just for you.

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